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The TRIGGER CUBE utilizes the same advanced technology found in the Interactive Globes, incorporating sensors that can detect palm or finger touch. This capability allows users to interact directly with the cube, triggering changes in the video content displayed on the LED cube itself or activating other hardware. Each side of this P2.5 GOB LED cube measures 0.32m, offering a compact yet immersive interactive experience.

Interactive Exhibitions and Museums: Where visitors can engage with displays, changing content or triggering information related to the exhibit.

Retail Displays: Enabling customers to interact with product advertisements or information in a novel way, enhancing the shopping experience.

Educational Tools: Providing interactive learning experiences in classrooms or public educational settings, making learning dynamic and engaging.

Corporate Events and Trade Shows: Capturing the attention of attendees with interactive presentations, product demos, or brand stories.

Public Installations: Offering interactive art or informational displays in public spaces, engaging passersby with touch-activated content.