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Expanding on the concept with grander dimensions, the Rotating  Cube XL boasts a P2.9 LED cube measuring 1.5m in width and height, commanding attention with a total structure height of 4m from the ground. This larger scale makes it ideal for big venues, public squares, and event stages, where its size and the engaging rotating motion can deliver unparalleled visual impact. The Rotating Cube XL serves as a striking centerpiece, perfect for drawing in large crowds and providing a memorable experience through its dynamic visual presentations.

Concerts and Entertainment Venues: Acts as a centerpiece for stage designs, creating immersive visual effects that enhance performances.

Public Squares and Parks: Offers a modern approach to public art installations, engaging the community with interactive content or artistic displays.

Large Retail Outlets and Malls: Elevates the shopping experience with oversized, dynamic advertisements that can be seen from various points within a large space.

Sports Arenas and Stadiums: Enhances the fan experience by showcasing team highlights, upcoming events, or sponsor advertisements in an unforgettable format.