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The OBELISK is a distinctive combination of technology and design, featuring a P1.8 LED screen that forms a rectangular structure with dimensions of 0.96m in width, 0.96m in depth, and a towering height of 2.7m. At the heart of this structure lies a kinetic rotating showcase, measuring the same in width and depth but with a height of 1.2m, equipped with four chambers for product placement. This design ensures that products are not only securely displayed but also highlighted from all angles as the showcase rotates. The screens positioned above and below the rotating section display content visible from any side, complementing the physical products within the showcase. To enhance interactivity and safety, the Obelisk incorporates a motion detector that pauses the rotation if someone approaches too closely, ensuring the well-being of the audience while maintaining the dynamic appeal of the display.

Retail Spaces: Offering an immersive way to feature products, drawing customer attention with its rotating display.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Capturing the attention of attendees with its 360-degree product visibility and engaging digital content.

Corporate Lobbies and Event Spaces: Creating a focal point for showcasing company achievements or products in a dynamic, interactive manner.

Public Installations: Engaging the public with an innovative blend of digital and physical display techniques in communal spaces.