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The MOTION MAX represents an evolution in dynamic visual display technology, merging the innovative features of rotational movement with the added capability of sliding motion along a rail. This system comprises six towers, each equipped with a P2.5 LED screen measuring 0.64m in width and 2.2m in height, mounted on a track that allows for both horizontal sliding and 180-degree rotation. The track extends 6m in width and 0.5m in height, enabling a multitude of captivating visual arrangements. The versatility of MOTION MAX is further enhanced by its application in conference rooms, where the screens can be gesture or iPad-controlled to create custom patterns such as collapsed screens in groups or single towers alongside expanded display configurations. This dual-action mechanism not only makes MOTION MAX a standout for creating complex visual effects—with one side of each tower dedicated to vibrant LED displays and the other three sides customizable in colour or material, currently finished in silver—but also extends its utility to various professional settings. Whether enhancing corporate meetings with dynamic visual aids, facilitating creative workspaces, engaging educational seminars, or conducting interactive training sessions, MOTION MAX offers unmatched flexibility. Its adaptability to rearrange screen configurations in real-time supports a broad spectrum of applications, from interactive advertising and event staging to architectural installations, experiential retail displays, and public art. MOTION MAX is the epitome of display technology innovation, providing an immersive environment and experiences with its blend of light, motion, and interactivity.

Corporate and Conference Rooms: Enhances meetings and presentations with dynamic visual aids, allowing for real-time configuration adjustments to suit discussion needs or presentation focus.

Interactive Advertising: Captivates audiences in malls, plazas, and outdoor spaces with engaging, moving advertisements that draw and hold attention.

Events and Stage Design: Offers an unparalleled tool for creating fluid backdrops and immersive environments for concerts, shows, and corporate events

Architectural Installations: Enhances urban landscapes and buildings with moving sculptures that merge art with technology, adding a dynamic visual layer to public spaces.

Retail and Showroom Displays: Revolutionizes the shopping experience with interactive and engaging product displays that can adapt to highlight different items or promotions.

Public Art and Installations: Provides a medium for interactive public art, inviting community engagement through evolving displays and kinetic features.

Educational Seminars and Training Sessions: Engages participants with flexible content presentation, facilitating learning and interaction in an innovative format.