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The Rotating Cube L features a P2.9 LED cube that is 0.75m wide and tall, creating a compact yet impactful visual display with a to- tal height of 2m from the ground. Available in both version 1 and version 2, this cube’s design ensures it can seamlessly integrate into various environments, from retail spaces to corporate lobbies offering a dynamic platform for advertisements, information dis- plays, or artistic content. Its size makes it particularly suitable for indoor settings or smaller exhibition spaces where its rotating dia- mond form can captivate viewers without overwhelming the space.

Retail and Shopping Centers: Enhances the consumer experience by displaying interactive advertisements and promotions in a cap- tivating format.

Corporate Lobbies and Offices: Serves as an engaging digital signage solution, showcasing company news, achievements, or welcome messages to visitors in an impressive manner.

Events and Trade Shows: Attracts attention to exhibition stands or event spaces, offering a novel way to present products, services or branding.

Museums and Educatioņal Spaces: Provides an interactive plat- form for displaying inforndative content, making learning more en- gaging and visually appealing.