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Building upon the dynamic foundation laid by Kinetic Canvas, Show Vortex introduces an innovative twist with horizontally positioned rotating screen towers. This advanced system comprises three towers, each equipped with a P2.5 LED screen, measuring 0.64m in width and 2.2m in height. Embracing the versatility and interactivity of its predecessor, Show Vortex’s screens can also rotate, offering a panoramic display that can be controlled via iPad, gestures, and other trigger systems to create immersive visual experiences. Applications of Show Vortex extend across various domains, leveraging its unique horizontal orientation and interactive control for enhanced audience engagement:

Immersive Experiences: Perfect for theme parks, museums, and exhibitions, creating panoramic visuals that transport viewers to different worlds or stories.

Corporate Events: Transforms presentations and conferences with expansive, continuous imagery, facilitating dynamic data visualization and storytelling.

Retail and Showroom Spaces: Draws and retains customer attention with engaging, flowing content, showcasing products in an innovative manner.

Entertainment Venues: Provides a visually striking backdrop for concerts and performances, enhancing the atmosphere with seamless, moving visuals.

Public Installations: Offers a platform for interactive public art, inviting communal interaction and providing a fresh perspective on digital installations