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Our GOLDEN BRICKS system represents the pinnacle of LED display technology, ingeniously blending artistic flair with cutting-edge innovation. This system includes 59 P2.9 LED screens, each brick meticulously crafted to dimensions of 0.50m in width, 0.25m in height, and 0.14m in depth. When assembled, these bricks come together to form an impressive display spanning 4m in width and 2.6m in height. Distinguished by their kinetic capability, each brick can independently rotate 180 degrees to both the right and left, showcasing a vibrant LED screen on one side, while offering customizable finishes on the other three sides for aesthetic versatility. This dual rotation mechanism allows for the creation of captivating visual effects and dynamic patterns, making the Golden Bricks system exceptionally suited for a wide range of applications, from transformative advertising and immersive stage designs to architectural enhancements and engaging interactive art installations.

Dynamic Advertising Displays: Craft engaging and ever-changing advertising that draws and holds attention in busy public spaces or retail environments.

Entertainment and Stage Design: Utilize kinetic visuals to add depth and movement to stage designs, enhancing live performances with visually stunning backdrops.

Architectural Features: Incorporate into building facades or interior designs for a blend of art and technology, creating spaces that can change appearance and mood.

Customizable Retail Displays: Offer an innovative way to showcase products, with the ability to change the backdrop color or material to match themes or campaigns.

Interactive Art Installations: Create art that moves and evolves, inviting viewers to engage with and experience the artwork in continuously changing ways.