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INTERACTIVE GLOBE L brings a revolutionary touch to interactive displays, equipped with a P2 LED screen and featuring 5 touch points. This globe is designed to detect palm or finger touches through motion sensors installed under the LED modules, enabling users to change video content within the globe or trigger various devices, including any kinetic hardware presented or developed by BriteMinds. Its ability to integrate seamlessly into client systems makes it a versatile tool for interactive installations, offering applications in:

Educational Settings: Where it can serve as an interactive learning tool, enabling students to explore global content, historical timelines, or scientific data with a simple touch.

Museums and Exhibitions: Providing an engaging way for visitors to interact with displays, uncovering detailed information about exhibits or art installations.

Corporate and Retail Environments: Enhancing customer engagement through interactive product demonstrations or corporate presentations, allowing for an intuitive exploration of content.

Public Installations: Where it can captivate audiences in public spaces, airports, or shopping centers, offering interactive maps, information, or advertisements.

Event and Trade Show Displays: Acting as a standout feature to draw attendees, offering interactive brand experiences or product showcases.