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INTERACTIVE GLOBE XL elevates the concept of interactive displays with its expansive P2 LED screen, boasting a diameter of 1.5m and featuring 8 touch points for enhanced interactivity. This larger version enables more detailed and immersive visual experiences, perfect for engaging audiences in a variety of settings. With motion sensors installed under the LED modules, the globe detects palm or finger touches, allowing users to change video content on the globe itself or trigger other devices and kinetic hardware developed by BriteMinds. Its seamless integration into client systems makes it a versatile addition to:

Educational Exhibits: Offering a hands-on learning tool for exploring global phenomena, historical events, or scientific data in classrooms and museums.

Interactive Displays: Enhancing public spaces, corporate lobbies, and exhibition halls with engaging, touch-interactive globes that display a wide range of content.

Retail Environments: Attracting customers with interactive product showcases that respond to touch, providing detailed information or related video content.

Event and Exhibition Highlights: Standing out as a centrepiece that can be customized for brand activations, product launches, or interactive art installations, drawing attendees in with its captivating interactivity.

Innovative Navigation Tools: Serving as interactive directories or information kiosks in malls, airports, and conference centres, offering users a tactile way to explore maps or information.