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Transform any space into a dynamic visual spectacle with our Kinetic Tubes. Perfectly blending art with technology, these 1.5-meter-long illuminated tubes are suspended 1.2 meters above the ground, moving with programmed sequences to create mesmerizing patterns and effects. Ideal for creating immersive environments, the Kinetic Tubes offer endless possibilities for customization, making them suitable for events, retail spaces, exhibitions, and architectural enhancements.

Event Production: Use Kinetic Tubes to create breathtaking light shows and ambiance for concerts, festivals, and corporate events, adding a layer of sophistication and engagement.

Retail and Showroom Displays: Enhance the shopping experience with dynamic lighting that can highlight products or create an inviting atmosphere, encouraging customer interaction and dwell time.

Exhibitions and Museums: Offer visitors a unique sensory experience by incorporating Kinetic Tubes into exhibits, creating interactive or thematic light installations that complement the displayed works.

Architectural and Interior Design: Integrate Kinetic Tubes into architectural elements or interior designs for commercial and residential spaces, adding movement and light to elevate aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Nightclubs and Entertainment Venues: Create an electrifying atmosphere with Kinetic Tubes, using them to craft vibrant, moving lightscapes that enhance the energy of the space.