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The INTERACTIVE SCREEN is a highly versatile LED screen solution, equipped with high-resolution infrared sensors capable of recognizing up to 20 simultaneous touches. This system not only offers the flexibility to create screens in any size and dimension to fit specific needs but also comes in the following ready to-use configurations for immediate integration into various environments:

P1.5 LED Screen (2.88m x 0.96m): Comes complete with a PC, offering a widedisplay that is perfect for creating immersive interactive experiences in larger spaces.

P1.5 LED Screen (1.28m x 0.8m): Includes a Mini PC, ideal for compact areas where space is at a premium but interactive engagement is still a priority.

P1.5 LED Screen (2.5m x 1.44m): Provides a substantial interactive display area without a PC, allowing for custom integration with existing systems or preferences.

Interactive Sensors (3m x 3m): Offers a large-scale interactive experience focusing on sensor capability, perfect for bespoke projects or enhancing existing displays, without a PC included. Beyond these configurations, we are fully prepared to tailor the INTERACTIVE SCREEN to meet any size and dimension requirements our clients may have. Whether for educational institutions, retail spaces, corporate environments,museums, or public installations, our solution ensures engaging, responsive, and memorable interactive experiences. This blend of ready-to-use options and customizable potential makes the INTERACTIVE SCREEN an unparalleled tool in the realm of interactive display technology, ready to adapt and enhance any setting or application.

Educational Institutions: Transforming classrooms and lecture halls into interactive learning environments where students can engage directly with digital content.

Retail Spaces: Enhancing the shopping experience with interactive product displays that allow customers to explore product features, comparisons, and information with a simple touch.

Muzeylər və Sərgilər: Offering visitors an immersive way to interact with exhibits, from exploring detailed artifacts to navigating through historical timelines.

Corporate Environments: Elevating presentations and collaborative workspaces with screens that can display dynamic content, facilitate interactive meetings, and foster engaging discussions.

Public Installations and Events: Creating engaging and interactive displays in public spaces, trade shows, and events, drawing attendees in and offering them a hands-on experience with the content.